Illustration Friday – Wheels

Old Fires: a piece for 'Illustration Friday.' The prompt was 'wheels.'
Old Fires

This week I took part in Illustration Friday – a weekly competition/practice session for illustrators. The challenge’s prompt was ‘wheels.’ Starting out, my mind went straight to the invention of the wheel – cavemen (not really) hammering away at stone to build the tool that’s taken us so far… I had thoughts of the rotating wheel space station, too: a design futuristic by today’s standards, never mind the stone age.

Ultimately, though, I settled on something less ‘marvels of technology’ and more autobiographical. I’ve had my eye on double exposures for a while. I wanted to see how it’d look to project fond memories onto the dreary morning cityscape – a cycle route to work.


Landscape Art #4: refining the style

I’ve been taking inspiration from old masters of ink painting, particularly Fu Baoshi. Fu Baoshi produced an incredible mass of work in his lifetime (1904-1965) and played a large role in crossing Chinese painting tradition with that of Japan. See some of his work here, and check mine out below.

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