• Landscape Art #2

    More scenes charted from the Moray countryside and an experiment with Chinese ink painting techniques.  

  • Landscape Art

    Capturing local scenes and experimenting with some more traditional watercolour techniques.

  • Editorials – Cromarty Oil Transfer

      A local issue, this time. Staying in Moray, I’m right on the doorstep of so many serene places. A lot of people move here just to neighbour the local dolphins. Unfortunately, permission is being sought to carry out ship-to-ship (STS) oil transfers in the waters nearby. STS transfers are particularly prone to spillage. If the […]

  • Editorial Illustrations

    What I love about good editorial illustrators is their ability to capture so much of a situation with so little – a single image. Over the past week, I’ve been testing my own simplification skills and building up a new portfolio. Coming at art from this angle is refreshing after so much landscape painting. The […]

  • Profiling Oldmeldrum

    I had the honour of illustrating an article by writer/photographer Duncan Harley. He’s writing a series exploring Scottish history on the small scale: ‘Our Town.’ It digs into the littler communities of Scotland, unearthing all sorts of stories nearly forgotten.