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Hi, I’m Ben – a freelance illustrator with a degree in Psychology. I live in Edinburgh and when I’m not hiking, gaming or climbing I’m putting pictures to ideas.

I get a kick out of illustrating for magazines and books, but also from private commissions – bringing life to someone’s vision.

What I always aim for is deceptive simplicity. There’s a real challenge in getting an idea across visually in a way that feels fresh and effortless. I want my illustrations to make people curious and to give them a moment of satisfaction when they fit the pieces together in a way they’ve never thought to do before.

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44 (0)7765402088

Association Of Illustrators member

Clients include:
  • Mindful
  • The Independent
  • The Psychologist
  • Teaching Scotland Magazine
  • Au Science
  • The Gaudie

My work is currently exhibited in Logan Malloch (Edinburgh), Flamingosaurus Rex (Edinburgh) and Studio Pylon (Glasgow).