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  • Five Watercolours and Some Lightning

    The difference between making art and making a living through art is immense. Two weeks ago during a storm, lightning struck my home and fried the electronics. I’ve had to live without internet or even a computer till now. And while there were days I was dying for a meaty slice of netflix, or some […]

  • Illustration Friday 2 – ‘Nose’

    I took part in Illustration Friday again this week – the prompt was ‘nose.’ Who has a bigger nose than a toucan?? And painted this week: This hill’s visible for miles around, nearly constantly shrouded in mist. I happened to be cycling by yesterday and stopped to whip up a sketch. Later, after the sketch and […]

  • Landscape Art #3 – Ink & Watercolour Paintings

    I’ve been taking inspiration from some incredible work from China and Japan. Ink is something I used heavily as a cartoonist, but I’d never gone into ink painting… This ink painting style’s looseness makes it very meditative. Details aren’t as important as flow, so painting feels less intentional and more impulsive.

  • Landscape Art #2

    More scenes charted from the Moray countryside and an experiment with Chinese ink painting techniques.  

  • Landscape Art

    Capturing local scenes and experimenting with some more traditional watercolour techniques.