Five Watercolours and Some Lightning

Five finished watercolour landscape paintings, by Ben Harley.

The difference between making art and making a living through art is immense. Two weeks ago during a storm, lightning struck my home and fried the electronics. I’ve had to live without internet or even a computer till now. And while there were days I was dying for a meaty slice of netflix, or some delicious youtube vids, mostly I was relieved.

In those two weeks, I was an illustrator minus the business side of the job: no reaching out to clients, no project work, not even social media. All I could do was paint. Because of this, I rediscovered my passion for simply making art.

I painted every second day, based on the sights and musings of the first. I did what we all do when we share stories: I harvested the best of what the world showed me and prepared to pass it on. Here’s what I put together:

Now, it’s time to get back to business, but I’ll do my best to keep my head in the real world, with inspiring views and good company.

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2 responses to “Five Watercolours and Some Lightning”

  1. I love your watercolours, they are so vibrant and alive which is unusual for that medium, you normally only get that impact from oils. Are your paintings available as prints?

    • Hi Ali, thanks so much, and welcome to the blog!

      You think my landscapes have a similar quality to oil paintings? That’s interesting – oils are something I’ve not yet played around with.
      I do sell my paintings and illustrations as limited edition mounted giclee prints for £28 (+ postage). I’ll send you a quick email and you can let me know if you’d like one :)

      Thanks again and all the best,

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