How I use Pinterest to Generate Inspiration

Like most artists, my creative drive can fluctuate wildly. We all want to be productive, but not at the expense of doing good work. Inspiration tells us we’re onto something, but does inspiration have to be something we wait for?

I’ve recently found Pinterest to be a great tool for making artwork. It allows me to see the work of so many inspiring artists and to group it all together in one space – I make inspirational moodboards.

My landscape painting inspiration.
My landscape painting board.


I have boards for landscape painting, character design and for individual illustration projects. They really help me settle on a colour scheme or figure out new techniques and styles.

Even better, the site automatically picks out images related to those you pin. while looking through the art I know and love, I often find not one, but several new artists showcasing great styles or painting techniques I’m itching to try out.

The app I use to facilitate this is ‘Pin It.’ This sits in your browser and lets you take any picture you see online and put it straight to one of your boards.

Using PinIt
Using ‘Pin It.’


Making mood boards with Pinterest is a great way to immerse yourself in the art that interests you.

You can see my boards here.


Have you tried Pinterest already? What did you think?


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