Profiling Oldmeldrum

Banner Illustration for a Leopard Magazine article on Old Meldrum.
Old Meldrum 2015 – footer illustration for Leopard magazine.

I had the honour of illustrating an article by writer/photographer Duncan Harley. He’s writing a series exploring Scottish history on the small scale: ‘Our Town.’ It digs into the littler communities of Scotland, unearthing all sorts of stories nearly forgotten.

My idea was to take the most iconic sites of Meldrum and showcase them together. I wanted to anchor the readers’ interest in the town without overshadowing the text.

Below: some of the photos Duncan took while I sketched away.

You can find Duncan Harley’s ‘Our Town’ in the Leopard Magazine and my illustration in the February edition.

Prints available on request.

2 responses to “Profiling Oldmeldrum”

  1. I love this one Ben! It really brings Oldmeldrum alive in a way that a photo couldn’t – it sort of encapsulates it for me! Where can I buy a print?

    • Thanks, Elizabeth!!
      That’s exactly what I was aiming for :-)

      Prints are specially made on request, so send me a quick message at and we’ll sort out your one.

      Thanks again!

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